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Your Business Application

We build business applications for any company that needs to get information out of their present data.

Imagine you are a company that has a lot of data hidden in several types of applications such as documents, calculationsheets or datatables of any kind.
And all of this data is maintained by the person who has set-up this way of keeping it.... on his own.... and knows everything about it... and then leaving the company....

Our way of doing it

Whenever you have a need to transform your data into business information you need to have some form of a datamodel.
We assist you in creating this datamodel along with the determination of the business logic that goes along with it.
Offcourse the datamodel is your sole proprietary, and the application that will be created out of it is also completely yours.
It has to be, because the application that will be the result of the code generation is based on your data, and build on your datamodel. Nobody else could do anything with it; your application is tailor made.

The development of your information system is done in three steps:
  1. Development of the datamodel, based on your set of data. This will be done by our experienced employees together with your main users and expertise.
  2. When the datamodel is finished, the application will be generated and installed in a test environment. There it will be evaluated to see if there are no logical errors in the business logic.
  3. The application will be installed in the environment of your choise and made be accessible for your users.

We will set up a project that will make sure that all parties involved, such as your key users, IT department and our JumpStart professionals, work together to ensure you that we will deliver your information system as you would expect it to be.
During this project our specialists will be attending it all the way, from start up to deployment and beyond; we don't change a winning team!

Project management will follow the rules of the general accepted PRINCE II methodology.
Testing and deployment will follow the rules of the T-Map methodology.

How Do we do that?

We transform your data into information.
So, what does this mean?
Well, what we do is create a database and the nessesary modules to put all your data into the data tables.
We also add your business logic to that data in order to let your application work as desired.
This is done in our "DatabaseBuilder".
The real application is produced by our so-called "ApplicationBuilder".
This ApplicationBuilder will generate the code that forms your application, based on the information that is stored in the DatabaseBuilder.