Make that anonimus visitors can see the activity details and sign in for joining.

This functionality touches the edge of the security in the DNN portal.
Normally you would NEVER grant an anonimus guest user the rights to EDIT a module in your portal.
However, due to the strict security policy of DNN we have to find a way to circumvent this.
It is not that we want the guest to really edit the record, but we do need a way to let any guest user to sign in on an event, thus editing the record.

JumpStart moduleviews have two standard buttons in each line: the "Select" button and the "Edit" button, alongside the standared DNN buttons:
"Add new record" and "Settings". These can be handeled by a user with the role of "Administrator".
Neither one of these two latter are to be handeled by any passing guest user, nor by any registered society member.
Also none of the planning or cost fields may be altered by any guest user.
We only want to grant permission to any user to sign in on an event, and we want to make the counter add up one participant for every sign in.
And, of course, we want a function to stop users from signing in when the maximum number of participants is reached.

The problem with the DNN security is, is that any non-registerd user who has no Administrator rights, will be thrown out of the page and will be forced to login again.
We don't want this, because we probably lose the guest on our website. He/she has to enter the page without problems, but with all the restrictions that any unauthorised user has on this page.


  So we have to set three parameters in the "Settings" page of the module:
The "View Module" and the "Edit Module" have to be ticked to "OK".
And to prevent any guest user to save the record, we have to tick the "Admin Only" box.

What is the effect of these parameter settings?
#1: grant any user the right of editing a module prevents the guest being thrown out the page.
#2: Setting the "Admin Only" prevents the record from unwanted update by any other user than the Administrator.

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