Making editable fields "View Only" for users with no sufficient rights.

JumpStart DNN creates modules that have two main screens: An opening "GridView" that displays the records in a table, and the "EditView" that lets you edit a record that you select in the gridview.
DotNetNuke has a set of "Build-in" safety measures that prevent content being seen and/or edited by users with no sufficient rights.
This safety is "Role Based".

In part 1 of this lesson we designed a module for use in editing mode by non-registered users. And we made sure that the record could not be saved by them.
So why not make editing of the recordfields impossible alltogether?

Wel, no problem! Here's where the Field extention kicks in again: The "_NDT" extention prohibits editing any field that is given this extention.
And, again, we have to alter the Activity table.

Open your DatabaseBuilder and open the Activity tab.
Locate the "_NDT" extention (it's number 64) and tick all the boxes of the SQL tablefields.

Observe that the SQL fieldname has got the extention.
Save the DatabaseBuilder and JumpStart DNN; re-build your application.
Then destroy the old activity module, also the code, anr re-install your new activity module.
Use the ExcelReader to fill the table with the content, and you're done!

Now test the new module to see the behaviour on registered or non-registered users.
    When you test carefully you will find a problem.

Nobody can edit the SQL tablefields anymore!

(Exept the "Descriptionfield"; that's a flaw in the ApplicationBuilder... Sorry)

In the next lesson we will solve this in a very elegant way.

You're done with this lesson.

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