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To create a way to let an ActivityOfficer edit his or her Activity plan.

Because we have made the editing of the SQL tablefields in the impossible, we have to find a way to let the officer gets to his activities.
As we saw at the "Modal Popup", there is a connection between the "Officers" table and the "Activities" table.
In the Officers "Viewscreen" you can popup the activity that the officer is responsible for. This is the "_LNK" and "_PPFVW" extention combination in the Officers table.

Open your DatabaseBuilder and open the "Officers" tab.

Locate the Popup extention "_PPFVW" (=Popup View) and untick, if ticked, this box. Then tick the extentionbox "_PPFDT" (=Popup Edit). Note that the "_LNK" extention is also ticked!
This will force the ApplicationBuilder to generate the code for the extended popup in the Officers select/view screen.
Save your work.

Now we have to indicate the fields in the Activity table to show up in the extended popup.
Open the "Activity" tab and locate the "_PPP" and "_INQ" extentions.

Now tick the boxes of the activityfields that have to be editable. These would be the activity fields # 12 thru 18.

Save your work and re-build your application modules.
Test your Officers module and observe that the Modal Popup has changed:

Now Bert can edit his own activity.

Bert edits his activity in the "Edit" column in the popup:

Then he types "Ok" to confirm the changess and click the "Submit" button to store the new data in the Activiy table.
Check the result by re-opening the popup and by viewing Bert's activity in the Activity table.

    All done!


You might see a little change in the images above....
In one of them you see the "Description" field in the popup, and the one
next to it its gone, and the field "SubscriptionPeriod" appeared.

So what's happened?
Well, I missed the "SubscriptionPeriod" in the popup, and I thouhgt that the
description field was to big.
Therefore I opend my DatabaseBuilder and removed the "_GRD" extention
on the description field, and I placed the "_INQ" extention on the subscriptionperiod field.
(I had forgotten to do that in the first place....)
Re-build the lot and all is working as designed.

You're done with this lesson.

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