Setup the PayPal integrated module for use.

The JumpStart PayPal integration comes with a bunch of functionality.
The PayPal integration itself are two sets of credentials: one for the PayPal Sandbox test environment and one for the Live PayPal Express Checkout website where the actual payment is done.
But the PayPal integration also informs the end user about the status of order that is payed for by email.
This is all set up in the settings module.

Install the module and place it in the designated portalpage.
Then open the settings and set the parameters accoring to your PayPal credentials; both the Sandbox and the PayPal Live information.

Tick (or not) the PayPal Live checkbox to either test or run the PayPal Express processor.

Then take care for the text for the mail that is send out after the end user has finished the PayPal transaction.
Type the body text in the left textbox and copy/past the substitution SQL fieldnames WITH the square brackets from the right fieldnamelist in order to get the tablefield content into the mail. Do the same with the mail subject text.

The ApplicationBuilder will create a list with SQL fieldnames that have the extention _MPM in the right text box. These SQL fields can then be used in the mail as subtitutes for the values they contain in both the mail subject and the mail body.
The substitution is done by the module by changing the SQLfieldnames between the square brackets into the content of these SQL tablefields.
(See also tutorial Anonimus GuestUser Mailing)

You're done with this lesson.

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