Draw a first map of your datamodel.
This is the datadefinition phase.

Examine the information and determine the datasets: what will be your tables?
There are a couple of entities in the case; put them in a table and name them:
    The society
    An Activity
    An Activity Officer

These entities have properties:
    The society has members, a contribution fee, the administrator (i.e. you) and Activity Officers, maybe more....
    An activity has an activity officer, a price, a plandate, and more...
    An activity officer has an activity, a name, a DNN role and maybe more....
    A member has a name, a gender and age, spouce or child, some more....

So now we can define our tables that contain the data:
    The Society table
    The Officer table
    The Activities table
    The Members table

And the fields that contain the actual data per table:

The Society table contains at least the fields:
    Society name                        SocietyName
    Scociety contribution fee      SocietyFee
 The Officer table contains at least the fields:
    Officer Name                        OfficerName
The Activity table contains at least the fields:
    Activity Name                       AcitvityName
    Activity Description              ActivityDescription

The Members table contains at least the fields:
    Member First Name            MemberFirstName
    Member Last Name            MemberLastName
    Member Gender                 MemberGender
    Member Age                      MemberBirthYear
    MemberChild                      MemberChildYesNo
    MemberSpouce                  MemberSpouceYesNo

These are the most obvious tables that you might recognize, but there are more! Can you tell wich?
We will develop them in following lesssons.

Now it's time to get the DatabaseBuilder.
Download the file: My Pleasure; Lesson 1 from the dowloadpage and store it in your Tutorials folder on your computer.
You migt as well create a backup folder here to store any backup DatabaseBuilder files to be used in case something goes horrible wrong....

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