Learn how to use the ExcelReader function.

In general:
You can use any Excelsheet for filling your tables with data, but there are some conditions:

  • One Excelsheet can fill one table with data.
  • Record fieldnames are stored in the TOP row of an Excelsheet.
  • Records are to be stored in an Excel ROW.
  • All rows are subsequent in the Excelsheet, NO empty lines in between.
The ExcelReader converts data from your Excelsheet to your SQL JumpStart table.
It is mainly a cross reference between the Excel columns and the SQL table fieldnames.

Open your DatabaseBuilder and look for the "XData"  tabs for "XDataMEM_TUT_04_YCMembers".
This is where the testdata for your tables is created, in this case: the Members data.

Step 1:
Go to your " Members" page and open the "Settings" for this module.

Locate the "Show ExcelReader settings" (somewhere in the middle) and tick the box.

Click "Update" to save this setting.
Now, when you get back to your Table View paage, you will see the ExcelReader waiting for your Excel data sheet(s).

The lower part of the screen shows your SQL table with the columnnames on the toprow.

The red marking on the toprow indicates an inter SQL fieldtype.
On the left you see the columns as defined in your Excelsheet with a default filling.

Selecting the Excelreader sheet:

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