Part 2: Setting the extention for the datagrid view.

After preparing the DatabaseBuilder you have to tick the Gridextention for the DataGridView.
This is the extention named "_GRD". The name refers to "GRID"; to give some reference.
Highlight the entire row for better visibility.

Locate the extention in the ExtentionBar at the top of the MemberTab. Its ExtentionNumber is 52.

Now tick all the ExtentionGrid cells up from the highlighted row.

Observe that the fieldname is immidiately updated with the Extention.

Save the DatabaseBuilder (with a copy) in your Tutorial folder.
Now we have to re-build the application for this module because the database has changed.
Follow the steps you have learned in Lesson 6 and further.
When done, you are ready for the next lesson.

You're done with this lesson.

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