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Part one: Retreive your DatabaseBuilder and design your datamodel.
Step 1: Download the DatabaseBuilder template

Step 2: Design your DNN application database

Step 3: First time upload; buy your licence template by clicking the "PayOnce" button. A personal license record is created in the "MyJumpStart" page
                -- Select your wanted timeframe and click the PayPal Checkout button; finish the payment and you will return to your personal record

Step 4: upload your DatabaseBuilder

Part two: Let Visual Data's JumpStart DNN ApplicationBuilder create your application an get it send to you.


Step1: Import and register the module in your portal

Step 2: create the apporpriate pages to hold the modules

Step 3: Place the modules on the pages and make the appropriate settings for the modules, if possible, set the Excelreader and the tracelog on

Step 4: Open the module and select the Excelsheet that holds the test data for this table

Step 5: Read the testdata and tick the appropriate boxes in the data conversion table

Step 6: Click the testbutton and check if the data in the first record is converted correct; adjust ticked boxes if nessecary and test again

Step 7: Click the "Generate All" button to convert all the data from the Excelsheet into your DNN table

Step 8: Close the Excelreader function in the Settings

Step 9: Install the secundary tables and fill them the same way as you did with this one

Step 10: Start testing the functions that you appended to the table fields by clicking the "View" and "Edit" buttons on the record lines