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This is the heart of the creation of your application.

After you have designed your database with all the tables and function extentions, Visual Data's JumpStart DNN ApplicationBuilder gets into action!

The First step! Get your 'Open Use' licence, otherwise your application won't be send to you!

Upload your DatabaseBuilder sheet into the JumpStart DNN ApplicationBuilder and wait until the file is uploaded.

Every table in your application is a designsheet in your DatabaseBuilder.

Evey sheet in your ApplicationBuilder will result in a DotNetNuke installeble module.

When building an application for the first time you probably build all the modules that are present in your DatabaseBuilder.

Just select "Select All" in the "Select SheetName" dropDown box. All the tables will be read and the modules will be build and sent to your mailbox.

When developing in a later stage you might not need to re-build all the modules, but just one; the one you're working on.

If this is the case, just select the sheetname that represents the module you want to be re-build.

Again, the module is send to your mailbox.

A result and status overview of the build will show in the lower part of the ApplicationBuilder screen when the work is done.