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Visual Data's JumpStart DNN ApplicationBuilder will generate modules with PayPal Express checkout functions.
This function requires that you have to set up a PayPal account for Bussiness and a PayPal Sandbox account for testing before you go live.

When you add the PayPal extentions to your database tablefields, JumpStart DNN ApplicationBuilder will generate the code that will call the PayPal website to handle the payment.
To be able to do that you will also need to download the special free PayPal functions codefile that you will find on the Download page on this site.

Just place this codefile in the directory under the Root/App_Code/ and all will run by itself.

But first you have to set the PayPal settings in the Setting module.

For safety: Set "Set Administrator Only"; tick this box.
This will prevent any user with an administrator role to see or alter your PayPal credentials

For testing in the PayPal Sandbox: do NOT tick the box "Set PayPal Live on?"

For the PayPal integration:
Retreive your PayPal Sandbox credentials for testing; copy/paste the data into the appropriate textboxes.
Retreive your PayPal Bussiness credentials for production; copy/paste the data into the appropriate textboxes.