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Every JumpStart module comes with a function called "ExcelReader".
This function is designed to import data quick and easy into your datatable, and is set On or Off in the Settings module.
The origin of this data can be everything, from extracted data from other applications in any Excelsheet to manually data filled in the XData sheet of your DatabaseBuilder.

Upload an Excelsheet.
Before you can convert any data, you have to upload the Excelsheet that contains that data.
Tick the "Upload Excelsheet" box in the Settingsmodule, and the dataconversion will be enabled in the Viewer page of your module.
Select and upload your Excelsheet for the conversion.
The uploaded Excelfile will be stored in the portal's filesystem.
You can find them in "\..\Portals\0\VDW_JS_03_JSMyJumpStart_Dossier\".

Set the conversiongrid.
The data is converted thru a grid of checkboxes on the conversion page; horizontal are your database templatefieds, vertically are your Excelfields.
The first row from your Excelsheet is read and the content is placed in a column at the left side of the screen for reference purposes.

Now look at the Excel fieldnames in the left column and find the matching fields in the datatablename row at the top of the screen.
Tick the box in the grid that matches the column/row combination.
It is possible that a row or column has NO ticked box.
It is NOT possible that any row or column has more than one box ticked.

After you finished the data matching, you have to test the conversion grid by clicking the "Test" button in the upper left corner of the screen.
The first record will be converted and the resulting content will show up in the content row below the tablefield names.
Review the data to be sure that the conversiongrid is working as expected, otherwise correct the ticked box(es) and test again.

Convert the data.
When all is well you can convert the data from the Excelsheet into your datatable.
Click one of the Conversion selection buttons. "Convert One" or "Convert All".
If there is a very large Exceltable, you might want to try one record first before running all the conversion.
Converting data might take a while so in this way you are able to verify the conversion first.
If all is well, just click "Convert All" and your datatable will be filled with the content from your Excelsheet.
The filled table will show under the conversion grid.

When the conversion is done you can switch the function off in the Settings page.