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Event Integration



    JumpStart DNN integrates the Events calendar!

2 examples: Maintenance and Failure management build with JumpStart DNN:

This is an extended application that is designed to manage all production parameters that influence the quality of the produced goods. The graphics that are produced by this application are used by the company's management to analyse various processes, and they are also used as underlayment to the company's customers that the production process is unde full control.

If you are interested in this quality application, please send a mail to: jos.richters@visualdata.nl and I will contact you as soon as possible.


Maintenance management
Imagine that you havedesigned a DNN module that registers hoursthat a production machine runs. But the machine does not run coninuesly, so it is difficult to set up a maintenace scheme whenyour production machine runs only a coulpe of hours a day. How to solve this? Lets assume that the machine needs a maintenance check every 5000 running hours and you need to schedule the maintenance because you have to make arrangements with the company that maintains your machines/

Well: first let an operator log the dailyhours that the machine runs and calculate the running average on these hours. This is easy to set up in JumpStart DNN becaus it hasa "Running Average" function built in as an extention that you assign to a field in your database model. Thenyour module would calculate the date for maintenance by calculating the dateon wich the 5000 runnig hours are due. And this is the date that will send to the Events calendar! But there is more! In some cases maintenancetakes more than one day. This is solved by putting the number of days that the maintenance wil take, and JumpStart DNN will place these number of days into the Eventscalendar before the deignated end date.

In the picture below you see the date on what the maintenance should be performed. After clicking the "Update" this plan dateis written inthe Event calendar and shows as in the picture down here.



Failure management

Your machines run nicely all the time because you perform regularly maintenance....... But then, BREAKDOWN! A failure stops all productivity on a particular machine. The operator has to fill in a failure report. This reportis a registration of the activities that aretaken by the operator in order to get the machine in working order again. In some cases this means that there has to be made an appointment with the machine's manufacturer to install new parts. This needs to be planned, and this plan date has to be put into the Event calendar.But there is more! In some cases maintenance on a failuretakes more than one day. This is solved by putting the number of days that the maintenance wil take, and JumpStart DNN will place these number of days into the Eventscalendar before the deignated end date.


Here you can see that the new Event is placed on the date that the operator has filled in. On the right you can see thatthe actual event is placed and below that is a picture of the event details. Please notice that the event title contains the failure type (="Besturing") and that the description in the detail is: "The positioning of the nozzle is out of line" as put in the failure report.


About this example.....

As you take a closer look at the variuos pictures you will notice a lot more functionality than just the Event calendar integration. For instance:

You can see that there is a "WorkFlow" function in the maintenance module (picture top-left called "OnderhoudWorkFlow") and there is a "FailureFlow" function in the failure module (picture top-right called "FailureFlow"). You alse can see the Shopping Cart picture in the failure picture. This is an integration with the "MachineParts" module. This module is the manager for machineparts that are used in the production machines. Itmanages inventory on machine parts and also uses the function "Weighted Average" on the running machine hours to predict when new parts must be purchased. For very expensive parts it is even possible to let this module send purchase oreders directly to the manufactorer to be sure that parts are available when needed.


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